Here is an inspiring story of humanity, love and kindness in #Brooklyn… Let’s change the way we view the less fortunate.

Here is an inspiring story of humanity, love and kindness in #Brooklyn… Let’s change the way we view the less fortunate.

Just wanted to share an experience I had today, normally I would keep it to myself but I figured it could help someone change the way they see things and people.

Shortly after leaving my office this evening, I head over to the train station to head home. As I’m walking down the stairs I see a middle aged hispanic, possibly african-american woman sitting on the floor, a mix of paper, plastic bags with clothing and food items surrounding her. I guess the normalcy of seeing people who appear to be homeless became second nature to me however, after taking a few more steps I notice there’s a child, possibly 10 or 11 years old laying next to her sleeping. Sort of taken aback, I continue to walk and thought to myself, I hope she’s not using this child as a way to make more money….no sooner than I thought those words, I stopped. I thought about my own children, and the what if’s that could have led me to where this woman was. I couldn’t believe I made an immediate assumption as to what her predicament was without even understanding the how. After a few more steps toward the turnstile, I looked back and I felt, what I now believe was my grandmother’s presence around me saying, ‘go help’.

I’ve always been a person that would help someone whenever I was able to, whether they were genuinely in need of help or looking to get over on me was not my concern. That’s something they would have to take up with God when the time came. This was different, it felt more like an obligation that I should help or do something to help. The sight of more people walking past them with the look of disgust made me upset and I thought to myself, if it were me and my children there, I would hope someone had the heart and spirit to help. Whether with food, money or just prayer, any type of help would be welcomed. I turn back and kneel in front of her and ask, “what can I do to help”. She says, “Anything….I need a little bit of everything but I just need to make sure I have food for him to eat when he wakes up”. I’ve never been super emotional or anything but the idea of a child being hungry and not having anything available and as a parent, feeling like a failure for not being able to provide that basic necessity…it was just too much for me. I told her i’ll be right back and headed out the station to the nearest store. I picked up a bunch of food, drinks, energy bars and snacks for them and ran back to the station.

As you can imagine, the woman was overwhelmed and we sort of shared a moment of understanding. I prayed for her and told her this will pass and he will love you through this. I parted ways and made my way back toward the train again. This may help someone so I felt obligated to write about it. Today was a day that humbled me and gave me some time to realize where I am in life and how blessed I am for family and friends that have created the support system that I have. Inspired by the spirit of my Grandmother around me today, I want to help someone in some shape or form every day moving forward. Maybe reading this will inspire you to take a step back as I did and not immediately assume a scenario and outcome. Sometimes, we all need a little help which could make the difference in a person’s life.

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