#DitmasPark… What A Great Community! #Love #Kindness #MyCortelyou

#DitmasPark… What A Great Community! #Love #Kindness #MyCortelyou

After completing a biking session in Prospect Park, I stopped by Natural Frontier Market for a Green Drink (which was incredible) where I saw this heartwarming interaction. A gentleman walking towards Coney Island Ave., interrupted whatever he was headed to do, to assist a senior of the Ditmas Park Community to the bus stop… Which was in the opposite direction he was headed in.

This sort of kindness is often seen, but there is a lit bit more to this interaction. This woman, an elder in this community, is challenged in her mobility and moves very, very slowly. She also needs a walking cane to assist her movement.

This gentleman showed incredible compassion, love, and patience when he decided he was going to help this elder reach her destination. Whatever he was on his way to do became unimportant the moment he saw this woman in need of assistance.

This is more of what the world needs….

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