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The Pet Buzz, hosted by Petrendologist Charlotte Reed and Michael Fleck, DVM, is the ultimate in pet-centered radio shows. The Pet Buzz keeps you in the know and in the now for everything your pet needs, wants and deserves. From working with thousands of dogs and cats over the years, Reed and Fleck don’t see any reason to keep what they know a secret. Since teaming up together professionally and personally, the Dynamic Pet Duo share breaking news and discuss pet trends, regarding pet health and wellness; animal behavior; consumer pet products; art and culture; animal-related books; celebrity pet gossip; companion animal travel; and, everything else pet-related in today’s marketplace. On their new show, the pet power couple will also talk with an incredible list of guests – veterinarians, pet industry experts, celebrities, politicians and other notable friends.
Listen to the Petrendologist Charlotte Reed and Michael Fleck, DVM on Brooklyn’s on Saturday morning between 8-9AM/EST and Sunday morning between 8-9AM/EST.

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